Westlook Product Applications

Westlook Sales offers unique capabilities in sizing, selection, application experience, and a wide variety of product solutions in the sump and sewage pump and pump station market. We can help you select the right products for your individual application to give you years of reliable service.


Myers TM (Hydromatic) and Pentair Water TM products in the submersible sump and sewage and primer markets including:

  • Small Sump and Sewage Pumps for individual homes and small commercial applications (from fractional HP to 7 1⁄2 HP).
  • 1&2 HP Grinder Pumps for pressure sewer systems for individual home lift stations and larger grinder pumps (to 7 1⁄2 HP) for commercial and municipal lift stations.
  • 3⁄4 HP through 125 HP heavy-duty, submersible wastewater for types of lift stations (commercial, municipal and industrial applications). Standard or Explosion Proof pumps are available in a variety of pipe configurations and voltages and phases options.
  • Self Primer – 3” to 8” and Dry Pump stations 3” to 12”.
Basins and Packages

Basins and Packages

Westlook Sales offers products from AK Industries including:

  • AK provides all types and sizes of poly and fiberglass cylindrical basins for any application for 18” diameter to 120” diameter from 18” depth to 300” and larger depth. Larger basins are available with attached or remote valve boxes. We can provide poly, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum cover for the above with connections, access doors, and other accessories to meet any condition.
  • Packages – AK specializes in packaged basin systems which include quick disconnect system(s), piping and valves, literally a plug and play package where the pumps slide in and the pipe and wiring is connected, and the system is ready to operate. We make these in sizes from 1 1⁄4” discharge to 6” discharge.
  • Components – AK offers an extensive variety of plumbing and fitting accessories for the sump and sewage market including an extensive offering of bulkhead fittings of all sorts and materials, pump accessories such as pump pull chains, job site assembled quick disconnect systems, valves, etc.


Chandler Systems Inc. makes a wide variety of controls for the sump and sewage industries including:

  • Off-the-Shelf Panels – This includes our unique RK Series panel in NEMA 4X enclosure available in float control or our superior pressure bell transducer system. Standard panels are available in stock and competitively priced in all common voltages and phase up to 2 HP in single-phase and to 5 HP in 3 phase, in either simplex or duplex.
  • Custom Panels – This includes special systems like PLCs, commercial water systems, specialized digital controllers, highly sophisticated telemetry equipment, and VFDs. Even the circuit boards used in our controllers are designed, manufactured, and integrated in-house.
  • Alarms and Specialties – Chandler can provide you with any type of alarm you need for your application. Of the shelf alarms such as the CS2004 provide superior quality and valve. Chandler also has a complete offering of floats and piggyback float systems.